The Best known Poker Game in The World - Texas Holdem

The best scenario for most poker players involves being blessed with a bunch of fish at your table, and being able to exploit them all. Unfortunately, the latter part of this dream can prove to be difficult for those who are used to playing against b

After you've played thousands of online MTT's and learned lots of poker strategy, it's easy to spot when other players are making foolish mistakes, and capitalize on them. Unfortunately, it takes a while to get to this point, so it's

One of the cardinal sins of poker most players eventually learn is that limping in - especially from early position - is a terrible play. The two main reasons why limping from EP is a bad play is because 1) most of the table is still left to act, whi


The World Poker Tour has been a leading force in the world of poker for many years. While the World Series of Poker, or WSOP, may be the oldest, grandest game in town, the WPT has a lock on the grand daddy of poker TV. While the heavily edited TV pro

Rules of Texas Holdem

Sure, you are familiar with the rules of Texas holdem. You've played no limit Texas holdem for a long time, both live and in person, and if had to take a quiz on no limit Texas holdem rules, you'd probably do okay. But the rules for Texas hol

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