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Texas man suggests bill

In the US the state of online poker is currently in limbo, and one lawmaker would like to see that change. The poker law suggested by Joe Barton, R-Texas, would clarify the legality of online poker play. Barton took action to put together this online

Online poker money

Poker players are looking for their online poker money, and wondering if it was part of the money given to law enforcement officials in the US state of Maryland. The news was released last week that the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryla


Ira Rubin has been denied bail by the US Government. Rubin is one of those detained by the US Department of Justice for breaking anti online poker laws. Rubin, who was arrested just before leaving the country, had his lawyer point out that he is will

Police Car

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one lawmaker has asked for more time for poker law to come into effect. Bars with poker tournaments are the target of the cops, and Damon Baldone wants them to slow down. In a measure filed by Baldone, a state representativ

Court House

A video poker investigation caught another sheriff's deputy in its web recently. 55-year-old Danny Crawford Dye was arrested Wednesday. He has been charged with keeping illegal games and possession of a stolen gun. This is the second Berkeley Cou

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