Micro limit Strategy

Texas Hold’em Strategy

Today’s Texas Hold'em Strategy is about playing micro limits and what to expect from your competitors. I am sure most of us have seen one of those funny home video shows that has a video of a cat franticly chasing a spot of light on the wall from their owner’s flashlight. They run, they scamper, they jump, and turn themselves inside out chasing this little spot of light as it moves across the wall. This is pretty much a good example of the poker strategy that most micro limit players use when playing online (at least in my experience).

The basic Texas Hold'em Strategy for micro limit games seems to be “see the flop, call all the way down, hope to get lucky.” This takes bluffing out of the mix, and any of the tricky poker strategy meant to make them fold is pretty much ineffective against these insane chasing machines. The reality is that after the flop a player will still be facing the bulk of the table, this requires a more straightforward poker strategy.

To be blunt, if you have a good hand, play it. If you have a bad hand, fold it. It doesn’t get more basic than that. You can use their irresistible need to chase to your advantage though. The micro limit player loves to see the flop, and many of them will call just about any pre-flop bet. This is because most of them are very inexperienced and the mathematics of poker are about as foreign to them as those scorpion on a stick treats that people walking around China can buy from a street vendor. This means, for the most part, you shouldn’t read much meaning into their actions. So many of the conventional rules one would use when trying to put somebody on a hand in higher level games don’t generally apply. Make them pay for this lack of experience by raising high, and taking their money after the river. The truth is that you are going to get caught by the occasional bad beat playing this way, but you will win more then you lose in the long run.

The one poker strategy red flag to look out for is if a player bets big before the flop. Most play a game of call and chase, but aggression before the flop indicates that they may have some cards worth playing.

That is the Texas Hold'em strategy for today.

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