The big question in the US is, where are all the legal online poker rooms? The question of legal poker sites, especially in light of the online poker ban on playing poker online in the US, has dominated poker news in recent months, and raises the que

It's always great to hit a huge score in a poker tournament after finishing really high. Of course, due to the variance in poker, just about anybody can occasionally place high in a tournament and haul in some major cash. However, it's a lot

One of the most common moves in online poker these days is the c-bet, where players follow their preflop raise with another raise after the flop. The whole idea here is to show strength in your hand, even if it misses the flop, in hopes of forcing a


That is a tricky question. Firstly, always check the law in the area you live to answer that question once and for all. For the purposes of this article we will take a look at SOME internet poker law, since internet poker legislation is going

Poker Hand

Poker hand rankings are at the heart of the game of poker. When you are dealt your cards the goal is to make the best poker hands possible and out play the opponent. When it comes to what beats what in poker it is the poker ranking, sometimes called

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