The WPT’s Kimberly Lansing Now Works for MoviePhone

Most of us loved Kimberly Lansing when she was part of the World Poker Tour. She was that rare combination of wit and beauty that could reduce even the foulest tempered curmudgeon to a pile of goo who would be hard pressed to remember his own name. Had her smile been unleashed on the dark ages Viking hordes, perhaps they would have forgotten why they were mad at, well…everything, and solved their problems in other ways besides stabbing. When the World Poker Tour came on, she was our raven haired chill pill, but then suddenly she was gone.

Once it was clear that she had parted ways with the WPT, things just weren’t right in the world. Poker seemed less fun, Phil’s tantrums less intriguing, pop tarts lost their taste, and even global warming refused to heat the planet, and out of sheer spite, started to freeze us to death instead. Well, okay, the loss of a poker hostess isn’t THAT dramatic, but I liked Kimberly, as did millions of others. So we were sorry to see her leave the WPT. She is back though, albeit not in the Texas Hold'em TV industry. Since last spring, the lovely Ms. Lansing has been part of, as the face and personality of the Moviefone minute.

In her role at Moviefone, Kimberly Lansing gives us a rundown on what is current in the film industry. Considering her background as a writer for Us Weekly, People Magazine, InStyle Magazine, etc., reporting on Hollywood glitz and glamour is right up her street. Those of us who are used to watching her talk about Texas Hold'em will notice that she doesn’t miss a beat in this change of industry. In the past, we have appreciated her work on the World Poker Tour and wish her nothing but the best.

Kimberly, on the off chance that you read this, can you answer one question for me? Now that you are commenting on movies, is it time that we all admit that “Titanic” was overrated? My Lord, I would rather hear an all Teletubbies version of “Baby Got Back” then sit through that film again.

Those who would like to see Kimberly Lansing in action can surf over to and watch the Moviefone Minute.

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