Anna Benson

Anna Benson

A lot of people do a lot of unwise things because of the words “I dare you”. The range of consequences that can happen because of a dare can run the gamut from eating strange, exotic, slimy, and gross things all the way to marital relations with a hornets’ nest. Some people claim that Kurt Cobain lost both of the above bets, and that is how he wound up married to Courtney Love, but I digress. Not many people enter the World Series of Poker on a dare, and those who do usually wind up as competitive debris before the first break. This is not how things happened when Anna Benson stepped up to the World Series of Poker plate because of those infamous three words.

According to popular rumor, model extraordinaire Anna Benson entered the 2005 WSOP on a dare. By the time she was eventually eliminated, three days had gone by and over twelve hundred other players, many of them established professionals, were watching her from the rail and still in shell shock from the fact that they had been eliminated and the FHM cover girl was still going strong.

The WSOP has not been Anna’s only association with the world of sports. She is married to pitcher Kris Benson of the Baltimore Orioles, and her interactions with the media can be considered a contact sport in themselves. She has had a number of notable and controversial interviews with shock jock, Howard Stern, she has feuded with PETA as well as film maker Michael Moore, and the New York Mets. Despite this she has twice appeared on FHM’s sexiest women list, and has been a tireless philanthropist. In short Anna is a wonderful person unless you make the mistake of angering her. In that case, the last thing you will probably hear are the words “Don’t make me angry; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

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