Launch Poker review of Five-O v.2

Launch Poker review of Five-O v.2

In August we introduced you to an exciting new heads-up poker game called Five-O Poker []. Not 4 months later, thousands from across the world have flocked to the game. Seeing that the game is a hit, the Five-O Team have decided to develop a fresh new version, which was launched earlier this week []

It looks like they have really invested in this one, listening to feedback from players and adding some fun new features, as well as a touch-up of the look and feel of the current game.

Introducing Chips

Chips of different values are now available to purchase. This means that you are now actually playing for something: in the previous version, if you lost, nothing happened. In the new version, the amount of chips you win or lose relates to the table stakes. It really separates the men from the boys!

Table Stakes

You can now decide whether you want to play at high stakes or low stakes tables. This is especially good for beginners who don’t want to risk too much too early, and great for seasoned players who are confident enough to play at the high-end tables.

High-End Design and Experience

Everything has had a make-over! The cards are crisper, animations are smoother, and the general environment of the game is more intuitive. Unlike the old version, which was mostly just about the game, the new graphics are comparable to the top games out there at the moment.

Chat and challenge

As before, you can challenge players in the lobby, start a game with a random online player, or just invite one of your friends for a game. The ability to chat in-game adds a whole social element – we’ve encountered some interesting characters!

Weekly contest and prize

Starting with the release of the new version,Five-O will dish out free chips and other prizes to top ranking players.

Five-O puts a fresh spin on the old Texas Hold’em, and still gets us excited. It’s easy to learn, but tougher to master. Give it a spin, try something new… there’s a reason thousands of players are joining the ranks at Five-O every day!

We still haven’t managed to win 5-0. Go and try the game now, see if you can do it!


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