Five-O Poker Betting

Five-O Poker Betting

Bouncing off the success of version 2, the Five-O Poker Team have launched the newest addition to the game: Betting. And in our opinion, betting was the only thing missing from the previous version. It’s poker, after all!

In Five-O Poker Betting, once all five hands are down, we are introduced to a single round of betting. This adds another element to the game: in Classic Five-O you could have a killer set of hands, but you could only win the table blind. Now, you can maximize the amount you win from good hands. Better yet, when you wind up with a poor hand and know you’ve probably lost it, you can turn things around and steal the game.

Hidden Card
In Five-O Poker Betting, the 4th row of cards is dealt face down, instead of the 5th row as in the Classic version. We weren’t sure why they made this change, until we played it a few times. It adds a sense of uncertainty and actually emphasizes the importance of bluffing in the round of betting. Let’s take an example hand:

Opponent                                You
A                                             K
A                                             2
2                                              6
4                                              5
3                                              K

In the Classic Five-O, by the fourth card, they pretty much know they have you beat. Your opponent will most probably dump a useless fifth card onto that column. But in Five-O Betting your fourth card is hidden, so your opponent may not be so quick to assume they’ve won that hand. In the example above, your fourth card could be a 2, 6, or even another K, which would beat their seemingly strong hand. Suddenly your opponent is unsure and will be more vulnerable to a confident bluff in the round of betting.

New Design
The tables and user-interface have been given a new design in Five-O Betting. There is a Dealer Chat Box that displays the betting activities, but it’s the little things like the new circular timer and the blue felt table that make you feel like you are playing a premium version.
To encourage people to play the new version they’ve given every user a chip prize, so go make the most of it and let us know what you think

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