Lost In Las Vegas

John Rosholt of Scottsdale told his family on December 27 that he is going to Vegas. He did not come back since then. John Rosholt of Scottsdale was a professional gambler. He made his living playing at casinos. He did quite well: he owned a good townhouse and was able to pay for his hobby, which was mountain climbing. On December 27 he told his family that he is going to Las Vegas and never came back. Though similar things happen rather often, such behavior is not usual for Rosholt. His family does not think he ran away with a showgirl or something. There are several strange things in this case. John’s car was found near a casino. Moreover – two receipts were delivered into his house. One was for sunglasses and the other for dry-cleaning. The most believable version is that John went on a hike after his visit to Vegas and something wrong happened with him. His brother has not yet lost his hope and is now in Las Vegas, trying to find any links to John.


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