Internet Poker Legislation, US Poker Sites, and the FBI

US Poker Sites

It is strange how people in Democratic nations choose their leaders. Folks who have been blessed with good hair, the ability to read a teleprompter, and a complete lack of the sense that God gave even the lowly chicken can spout a few catchphrases and are suddenly making decision for millions of people. Does anyone remember the whole “hope and change” thing? That particular candidate may as well have been saying “eat my shorts!” At least that would have been more honest. Nothing highlights the contradictory nature of politicians more than the whole internet poker law debate in the United States that is unfairly punishing people who like to play poker online.

According to internet poker legislation in the United States, companies that process payments from US poker sites are in violation of the law. From the standpoint of the regulation, this pretty much settles the matter in terms of legal poker sites. It is sort of like saying that free speech is cool, and people can say whatever they want, but arrest anyone who listens. With this being the case, why is the FBI wasting its expensive time trying to make the case that people can cheat while they play poker online? According to Bloomberg news, a top Federal Bureau of Investigation official said, “There are several ways to cheat at online poker, none of which are legal.”

This sounds like it is less police work and more of an effort to reinforce the need for the unpopular internet poker legislation. This gives political cover to people like Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who are in supporters of the current internet poker law, but are also in tough reelection fights.

Yes, of course there is occasional collusion on legal poker sites. This happens on US poker site, European Poker Sites, Caribbean Poker Sites, and if there are poker sites on Mars, it probably happens there too. It also happens in Vegas casinos, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, and at poker night that the company accountant has every week. So the politicians answer to the problem is ban the activity? Tens of thousands of people die every year from smoking cigarettes. No elected official has ever suggested banning cigarettes; they just raise the tax on them. Drunk drivers kill thousands of people every year. Nobody has banned alcohol lately; they have just raised the punishment for driving under the influence. A few people cheat in online poker, and the FBI is involved?

This only makes sense as political cover for politicians who know they are on the wrong side of the issue, but don’t want to publicly admit they made a mistake. How did we get to the point where people who are not competent enough to run a McDonald’s Drive Thru window are making laws that affect millions of people?

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