Free Texas Holdem Options

Free Texas Holdem Options

Players who are after a free Texas holdem download game have a lot of options. The free Texas hold'em download world is vast, and covers flash games (which are essentially free Texas holdem no download games), free Texas holdem poker rooms via downloads, and free Texas hold'em that is not part of a poker room, but some other outfit like Facebook.


The Poker Room Option

To play free Texas hold'em players can create an account at any of the major, popular online poker rooms. Depending on the room they can get free Texas hold'em downloads or free Texas holdem no download versions - either way they are likely to get the same game. After all free Texas holdem poker is the same game everywhere, uses the same rules (with a few exceptions that we will cover below) and if, to get your free Texas holdem a download is required, it can be worth it.


A poker room wants you to try out free Texas holdem downloads because they want a foothold on your computer. Don’t be alarmed - there is nothing sinister about a free Texas hold'em download, but the poker room is competing for customers constantly, and if they are already on your computer then when the time comes for you to move from free Texas holdem poker to not- free Texas hold'em (in other words, when you are ready to play for real money), they want to be your choice. To that end they will encrouage you to play free Texas holdem, no download versions too, and so the experience is very top notch, with plenty of action and fun.


The Facebook Option

Getting free Texas hold'em play doesn’t have to be on Facebook, but it is one of the most popular places to play free Texas holdem poker. It might be another website, or even a game console like the Xbox. Typically with these kinds of options it won’t be a free Texas holdem download situation. Most of these games are played right in the browser. With the browser based games it is a free Texas holdem no download situation - but that usually means a sacrifice of some of the nicer elements that can be found in poker rooms. If that isn’t what you are after, and simple format is good, then these options are fine.


With Xbox, the free Texas hold'em will require a download, however, unless the game came on a disk (and then it proably wasn’t free.) Most games on the Xbox and similar consoles will cost money, but often you can get free Texas holdem games in a trial version, at least, to check them out. These games will have great graphics and sound and even player experience, but often are mixed with something else that appeals to video game players over straight poker players. If a straight poker game is what you are looking for then the Xbox is likely not your best bet.

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